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17 November 2022

Time Event
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening
09:00 Keynote Lecture
Shih-Hsi Liu: Is a Comparison of Metaheuristics on Whole Convergence Graphs More Helpful?
10:00 Session I - Algorithm Behavior Analyses (Chair: Marjan Mernik)
10:00 Ana Nikolikj, Ryan Dieter Lang, Andries Petrus Engelbrecht, Peter Korošec, Tome Eftimov: Explaining Differential Evolution Performance Through Problem Landscape Characteristics
10:30 Jana Herzog, Janez Brest, Borko Bošković: Performance Analysis of Selected Evolutionary Algorithms
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Session II - Nature-inspired Optimization (Chair: Shih-Hsi Liu)
11:30 Zoltán Tasnádi, Noémi Gaskó: A new type of anomaly detection problem in dynamic graphs: An ant colony optimization approach
12:00 Elvis Popović, Nikola Ivković, Matej Črepinšek: ACOCaRS: Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Traveling Car Renter Problem
12:30 Petr Bujok, Martin Lacko: Slime mould algorithm: An experimental study of nature-inspired optimiser
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Session III - Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation (Chair: Tome Eftimov)
14:00 Hyunho Mo, Giovanni Iacca: Accelerating Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search for Remaining Useful Life Prediction
14:30 Michael Heider, Helena Stegherr, Jonathan Wurth, Roman Sraj, Joerg Haehner: Investigating the Impact of Independent Rule Fitnesses in a Learning Classifier System
15:00 Shota Tabata: Trade-off of networks on weighted space analyzed via a method mimicking human walking track superposition
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Session IV - Multi-objective Optimization (Chair: Bogdan Filipič)
16:00 Lingping Kong, Abhishek Kumar, Vaclav Snasel, Swagatam Das, Pavel Kromer, Varun Ojha: CSS- A Cheap-Surrogate-based Selection Operator for Multi-objective Optimization
16:30 Margarita Antoniou, Gregor Papa: Evaluation of Parallel Hierarchical Differential Evolution for Min-Max Optimization Problems Using SciPy
17:00 Jair Pereira Junior, Claus Aranha: Empirical Similarity Measure for Metaheuristics*
17:45 Social event (Stara trta)
19:00 Conference dinner

18 November 2022

Time Event
09:00 Keynote Lecture
Carola Doerr: Surfing at the Interface between Theory and Practice in Evolutionary Computation
10:00 Session I - Intelligent Agents (Chair: Marjan Mernik)
10:00 Carolina Crespi, Georgia Fargetta, Rocco Alessandro Scollo, Mario Pavone: An agent-based model to investigate different behaviours in a crowd simulation
10:30 Marco Crespi, Leonardo Lucio Custode and Giovanni Iacca: Towards interpretable policies in multi-agent reinforcement learning tasks
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Session II - Real-world Applications (Chair: Gregor Papa)
11:30 Guillaume Briffoteaux, Mohand Said Mezmaz, Nouredine Melab, Daniel Tuyttens: Hybrid Acquisition Processes in Surrogate-based Optimization. Application to Covid-19 Contact Reduction
12:00 Elyas Fadakar: Modified Football Game Algorithm for Multimodal Optimization of Test Task Scheduling Problems Using Normalized Factor Random Key Encoding Scheme*
12:30 Drazen Bajer, Bruno Zorić, Mario Dudjak: SMOTE inspired extension for differential evolution
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Session III - Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming (Chair: Carola Doerr)
14:00 Luca Manzoni, Luca Mariot, Eva Tuba: The Influence of Local Search over Genetic Algorithms with Balanced Representations
14:30 Henning Cui, Andreas Margraf, Jörg Hähner: Refining Mutation Variants in Cartesian Genetic Programming
15:00 Alberto Carbognin, Leonardo Lucio Custode, Giovanni Iacca: Genetic improvement of TCP congestion avoidance


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